Axxes Premium

Axxes Premium is a column that measures the temperature of your visitors with a precision of 0.1 ° C by means of a thermal camera. If the measured temperature is too high, the visitor will not be able to access your location. If desired, the camera can take a screenshot of the visitor..It is also possible to link a QR reader to the system in order to check the data of your visitors and to complete the registration automatically. The visitor follows the step-by-step plan and answers the questions that are asked on the touchscreen display. The infra-red dispenser ensures that the hands are disinfected completely. The issue of a mouth cap and / or gloves is also possible. Axxes Premium is delivered including an antibacterial floor mat. There are several options to extend Axxes Premium, specific wishes, can be discussed with us!

All steps ensure the health check is complete and that your visitor is optimally prepared to enter your location in a safe and hygienic manner.

Technical information


  • Thermal camera
  • Touchscreen viewer
  • Infrared disinfectant dispenser
  • Automated issuing of mouth masks
  • Automated issuing of gloves
  • Antibacteriële vloermat

Prices and technical information on request. Please contact us for a free quote.